SOMATAKA – Design & Development

  • UI/UX design


A showcase of a unique Japanese lifestyle brand through a visually striking web design that captivates users with elegant simplicity and dynamic, nature-inspired animations.

SOMATAKA is a corporate website for a company that plans and sells lifestyle goods such as Tosa cutlery, a specialty of Tosa in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. This is a website for a direct client of mine as a freelancer, so it can be publicly displayed like this.

The client requested a web design that is visually appealing and simple to understand, while conveying the company’s concept and branding. I handled everything from creating wireframes and content to design and implementation instructions for the developer, based on these requirements.

To convey the charm of Tosa, a small village rich in nature, we added a playful element to the hero image where beautiful landscape photos of Kochi Prefecture change with the user’s scroll.

We successfully created a modern and sophisticated atmosphere by adding a little animation to the simple design, expressing the client’s branding of “simple but high-quality” goods.

Please click on the link below to see the actual website.

I also created their product website for a Tosa knife called “tann”, so please review the project overview.