tann – Design & Development –

  • UI/UX design


A captivating, minimalist website showcasing the artistry of Tosa knives and the rich heritage of a renowned Japanese brand, crafted for an immersive user experience.

I was the sole UX/UI designer responsible for the development of the tann brand website, collaborating closely with developers to bring the site to life. Tann is a brand of Tosa knives produced and sold by SOMATAKA, a company that specializes in lifestyle goods, including Tosa cutlery, a renowned specialty of Tosa in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

The client requested a clean and minimal design that aligned with their branding, effectively communicating the message of a simple, sophisticated, and high-quality product crafted by skilled artisans in a small village.

To maintain the simplicity while creating a visually engaging design, I incorporated subtle animations and contrasting background colors that change as users scroll, particularly on the product page.

This design strategy allows for a rhythm to be established, encouraging users to stay engaged with the website’s content and brand story.

The result is a website that effectively communicates the brand’s concept and history, engaging users with its unique storytelling structure and compelling design. I invite you to visit the website and immerse yourself in the world of Tann.