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GUEST ME Branding

GUEST ME is a responsive platform that connects guest speakers with educational organizations, developed as part of a college project. As the lead UI/UX designer, I collaborated with a team of multi-functional members to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience. To learn more about the UX/UI design case study, please check out the design and development page linked below.

Here, I would like to introduce our unique branding strategy, as well as the comprehensive UI kit.


At GUEST ME, we believe that a strong and memorable brand identity is critical to the success of any platform. Our brand identity is based on the values and vision of our platform, which is to provide stress-free conditions for our users while helping them solve their problems effectively. To reflect this vision, we chose the symbols of a speaker and microphone to create a memorable logo that represents the idea of every user being a welcome guest on our modern platform.

Our branding color is mint blue, which conveys harmony, tranquility, and a sense of new beginnings. This refreshing and inviting color is also associated with personal pursuits, advancement, and initiative, reflecting the goals of our platform. We believe that the use of mint blue creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for our users, while also communicating our platform’s core values.

In terms of typography, we chose to use Barlow and Barlow Condensed for our branding, headings, body text, and buttons. Barlow is a practical sans serif font with friendly quirks, making it perfect for startups like GUEST ME. It has a slightly rounded, low-contrast, grotesque type family, which provides a good balance of friendly and functional. With its multiple weights and styles, Barlow is perfect for complex websites and app interfaces, as it can support information hierarchies and text-heavy projects. Additionally, Barlow is an excellent choice for tech companies looking to create logos that communicate simplicity and warm brand personalities. As a Google Fonts licensed font family, it is free to use and easily integrates with CSS and Android.


Overall, our branding elements, including our logo, color palette, and typography, were designed to convey a warm, friendly, and modern feel that reflects the values and vision of our platform.

Design System

Here are some examples of design system of GUEST ME.

Project Proposal

Please visit our project proposal document to see more information!